November Update Video Notes

Here are some more detailed notes for my November Crochet Update Video.


Christmas Market

2nd December 4-8pm:
This event is contributing financially to Forever Projects, a local charity bringing positive change to families in Tanzania.


Knot Forgotten toy drive
Toys must be with Justine, in Sydney, by the 21st of November. That’s still enough time to get involved if you live in Australia and can crochet fairly quickly! So get hooking! haha


Connie’s Ray Of Hope
A little reminder to check your breasts! Also being aware of what’s going on in the rest of your body.


This is such a lovely crochet along which Emma put together inspired by a beautiful vintage pattern she found. Even if there’s not enough time to get involved in the crochet along, it is a beautiful project to make.


Riveret Top
This is the top which Emma made a few months ago in yellow. It’s a gorgeous top. I had previously struggled to find Cotton DK / 8ply that I liked, for a decent price, with enough to make a garment. So that’s why I ordered the Cotton DK in light champagne.


My Heart Foundation donation page
If you would like to donate, that would be excellent. Thank you.


My Ravelry projects page
I spent a few hours earlier in the week going through my Instagram and updating my Ravelry projects page. I love that you can just pull photos from Instagram for your Ravelry projects.



September Update - Notes for YouTube video

Here's the notes for my September update video, check it out!

Finished Objects

By The Sea Shawl

Pattern is by Sarah Shrimpton, @annaboos_house, pattern available on Etsy.
Yarn hand dyed by Bec, @handmadebec over at Saltwater Yarns. She doesn't have more yarn exactly the same, but she does have many other lovely hand dyed yarns, mostly inspired by the ocean and beach.


Drawstring Yarn Bag

No pattern available for this, please let me know if you'd like one written up. It's basically a circle worked up to 120 stitches, then a row worked into back loops only. Then just keep working up, changing colours every ten or so rows, if you have six colours. For the drawstring part, it is double crochets (US) seperated by chains and skipped stitches, and then a long chain is woven through the gaps in between these stitches. The bag is finished off with a crab stitch, or reverse single crochet. I made both the little and big bags in Stylecraft Special DK. The small one is in Apricot and Lemon, and the large one is in Cream, Soft Peach, Candyfloss, Clematis, Wisteria, and Lavender.

Toys for Syrian Refugee Children

This is a project, as I explain in the video, where Justine of @chubby_knots on Instagram is aiming to get 500 crochet toys over to Syrian refugee children for Christmas. What a lovely way to show them a little bit of love and bring them some joy in this unimaginably hard time. For more details check out Justine on Instagram, or she will have a website coming out soon, then I'll include the link here.


Works in Progress

Hygge Cal

I'm still working on my Hygge Cal, it will take me a while and I'm not sure what I'll do with it when I'm done.



This donut is made for Ann Reardon, of How To Cook That over on YouTube, it is based on a plush she designed for some of her merchandise. She even made a cake version of this donut! This is also my own design, please let me know if you'd like a pattern written up of the donut base, but I won't be writing up the frosting, at least not in this design as the character belongs to Ann Reardon.


Diamond Midwife Blanket

This blanket is a combination of two different patterns, the Call the Midwife blanket, which is based on a blanket that appeared in an episode of Call The Midwife, and a diamond filet blanket. I'm using Patons Baby Dreamtime Merino 4ply which is lovely.


Crochet Plans

The following images do not belong to me, please see captions for credit.

Liula stole, image belongs to Emma Potter of Potter and Bloom.

Liula stole, image belongs to Emma Potter of Potter and Bloom.

Liula / #cakecal

I will be participating in another crochet along, run by Emma of Potter and Bloom. She designed the Liula pattern to be made with a yarn cake, which I love! I am waiting on my cake from Cotton Flowers to arrive, hopefully in the next couple of days so that I can take it with me when we go to Melbourne.

Crochet mishaps...

DMC top pattern (image belongs to DMC)

DMC top pattern (image belongs to DMC)

I had decided on making a top design produced by DMC, which is designed specifically for the yarn I want to use, but unfortunately it is not a downloadable PDF, you have to pay postage. Even worse, postage to Australia is fifteen pounds... Still looking for a nice top to making with my lovely 4ply cotton.

Spotting Clouds Top, photo belongs to Christina Hadderingh. Isn't it lovely?!

Spotting Clouds Top, photo belongs to Christina Hadderingh. Isn't it lovely?!

Then I decided I would join in on the crochet along run by Clarrisabeth over at Crochet Cakes podcast, where she is crocheting the Spotting Clouds top. I thought I had all the yarn I needed, but it turns out I'll have to buy more before I start. The Spotting Clouds top is designed by Christina Hadderingh.

Notes and links for YouTube video - Talking about YARN CAKES! and making a Desert Winds Scarf

Yarn cakes are super popular are the moment - I chat about a couple of the popular types, and show you what I make with one.

Purple Ripple Blanket Stripe Order

In case you hadn't noticed, I love working on blankets. I really enjoy the process of watching it grow with the repetitive movement of my hands. A few months ago, when I uploaded the following photo of my Stylecraft Special DK stash on Instagram, I loved some of the colours together and decided they had to be turned into a blanket. 

stylecraft special dk yarn stash

For the pattern for this blanket please visit Lucy over at Attic 24.

This blanket is a gradient from blue, through purples, and pinks, ending with cream. I thought I might share my stripe order in case anyone wanted to use it for something similar. I'd love to see other blankets if you use these colours, tag me on instagram @earlgreycrochet.

stylecraft special dk blankets

Each stripe is made up of two rows, one in each direction. So there is 42 stripes, with 84 rows.

  1. Cloud Blue
  2. Cloud Blue
  3. Cloud Blue
  4. Lavender
  5. Cloud Blue
  6. Cloud Blue
  7. Lavender
  8. Cloud Blue
  9. Lavender
  10. Lavender
  11. Cloud Blue
  12. Lavender
  13. Wisteria
  14. Cloud Blue
  15. Wisteria
  16. Lavender
  17. Wisteria
  18. Clematis
  19. Lavender
  20. Wisteria
  21. Clematis
  22. Wisteria
  23. Clematis
  24. Clematis
  25. Candy Floss
  26. Wisteria
  27. Clematis
  28. Candy floss
  29. Clematis
  30. Cream
  31. Candy Floss
  32. Clematis
  33. Candy Floss
  34. Cream
  35. Candy Floss
  36. Candy Floss
  37. Cream
  38. Cream
  39. Candy Floss
  40. Cream
  41. Cream
  42. Cream

Enjoy! Let me know if you use the colour order, and feel free to substitute colours to create your own gradient!