Crochet Product Tags


For quite some time I have been interested in having tags to sew onto my finished items. Over a few months I spent quite a bit of time browsing options across Instagram and Etsy but never really settled on one particular design or seller as I was tossing up as to whether I was more interested in leather or wooden tags. 

I liked the leather tags as they were more flexible so they work well sewn onto amigurumi projects as they are able to curve to fit the shape of the project. Leather tags seem to be made with a stamp sets in one way or another. Some were then inked inside the letters so that they could be read more easily, and others were not. Suede tags are also available. Stephanie of shared her experience ordering custom designed ultraleather tags from Brickbubble. Her tags are gorgeous, well designed, and versatile; however, they are not quite the product I was after. 

At one point my husband, Matthew, who also loves DIY, decided it would be a good idea to make our own leather tags. I suppose this was for a variety of reasons - we could design them exactly how we liked, make as many as we liked, and once we had all the tools all we would need to create more would be more leather. So we ordered a set of letter stamps on Etsy (one of my favourite websites obviously!) and picked up some leather scraps from Spotlight. Unfortunately it's more difficult than we expected. It was difficult to have the letters press deeply into the leather, and to line them up in a straight line. We also did not have a method for inking the letters, so they were difficult to read.

Gifts for Mothers' Day finally have their finishing touches. Two Granite Capes - pattern by Stephanie of

Gifts for Mothers' Day finally have their finishing touches. Two Granite Capes - pattern by Stephanie of

Eventually I decided that I loved the tags that @olivesandpickles on Instagram ordered from Grain Deep (they are on Etsy and Instagram). Her blankets are gorgeous and I love the effect of the wooden tags on the large crochet items. So I investigated into wooden tags - as well as Grain Deep there is another business on Etsy called All This Wood which also sells beautiful tags. Ultimately I went with Grain Deep because their postage to Australia was only about $8 Australian, while All This Wood was about $20 - I believe this is because All This Wood uses USPS First Class International shipping and provides a tracking number. 

My tags arrived, as promised, 11 working days after they shipped from Canada - just in time to be a birthday present to myself and to add to my Mothers' Day gifts. If I ever get through all 50 of them I will definitely be ordering more from Grain Deep!