November Update Video Notes

Here are some more detailed notes for my November Crochet Update Video.


Christmas Market

2nd December 4-8pm:
This event is contributing financially to Forever Projects, a local charity bringing positive change to families in Tanzania.


Knot Forgotten toy drive
Toys must be with Justine, in Sydney, by the 21st of November. That’s still enough time to get involved if you live in Australia and can crochet fairly quickly! So get hooking! haha


Connie’s Ray Of Hope
A little reminder to check your breasts! Also being aware of what’s going on in the rest of your body.


This is such a lovely crochet along which Emma put together inspired by a beautiful vintage pattern she found. Even if there’s not enough time to get involved in the crochet along, it is a beautiful project to make.


Riveret Top
This is the top which Emma made a few months ago in yellow. It’s a gorgeous top. I had previously struggled to find Cotton DK / 8ply that I liked, for a decent price, with enough to make a garment. So that’s why I ordered the Cotton DK in light champagne.


My Heart Foundation donation page
If you would like to donate, that would be excellent. Thank you.


My Ravelry projects page
I spent a few hours earlier in the week going through my Instagram and updating my Ravelry projects page. I love that you can just pull photos from Instagram for your Ravelry projects.