'Grow' // Moving forward in 2018 and on


In my March Update video over on YouTube I chatted about the stitch-a-long run by Chrissie of Chrissie Crafts (@chrissie_crafts on Instagram). I was going to wait until I had finished my 'Don't tell me to smile' cross stitch, but Chrissie's little stitch-a-long was such a simple and beautiful project I just couldn't wait! 

Chrissie called her stitch-a-long the Good Intentions Stitch-a-long, or #goodintentionssal. The idea is that in the middle of an embroidery hoop you crochet a word or phrase which is your intention for the year. Chrissie's hoops say "slow down" and "go outside", other ones I've seen say things like "sleep", "be creative", "calm", "be kind" and "do more embroidery". A lot of the themes seem to be along the idea of relaxing or not stressing over crafts. I wanted to go in a little of the other direction.

I was thinking of words like "hustle", but that didn't quite capture where I want to be heading. I decided on the word "grow". This isn't just for my crafting, but also for other aspects of my life.

Mostly I want to grow in my faith and my relationship with Jesus. I want to grow in my understanding of the bible. Last year I started trying to read the bible in a year, which is something I had never tried before, for good reason. It is daunting and if you miss a day or more, it is not easy to catch up on the schedule. If you can manage it, excellent! But its not for me, so this year I've decided to read the New Testament in a year. This involves reading one chapter of the bible each weekday. That means I can catch up on weekends if I need to, or easily double up on readings if I fall behind. My work schedule isn't the same every day, so it is not always easy to fit it in each day.

Next I'm continuing to work on my fitness. This year I started the Body Boss Method, which I've been really enjoying. I like that I know which days I'm meant to exercise on and there's a book which tells me exactly what to do. However, I am at the point in the schedule where the workouts are becoming a bit too challenging for me to be motivated to do it. It  is a 12 week program, and this week I should be doing week 10. My current plan is to jump back a few weeks, perhaps to about week 4 or 6. 

Finally, I want to grow in my crafting. This involves a few different aspects. 

  • Knitting. After finishing my Shallows Mitts and my Vintage Hufflepuff / Newt Scamander Scarf, I want to continue to learn new knitting techniques, particularly how to knit socks! 
  • Crochet tutorials. I want to create more crochet tutorials on YouTube for you guys to learn different techniques or patterns/designs. 
  • Crochet designs. I have a few amigurumi which I've designed, but at the moment they are just scrawled notes in a book or typed up in my phone. I need to test out the patterns to eliminate mistakes, write them up well, and get a couple of people to test each one. Then they'll be ready for sale!
  • Website. I also want to continue developing my website so that it is a helpful place for you to learn as much as you can about crochet!

So stay tuned for those patterns and tutorials! I hope you'll enjoy them!