Crochet Corner Part 2 - getting organised!

Here's a bit of a deeper look into my crochet corner. 

I had decided I would like a little side table of some sort to put my tea or coffee on and my little jars of crochet hooks and coloured pens. It wasn't our first priority (that was the armchair!) but I was still pretty keen on having one.

There were lots of different options at Ikea, from those that belonged in the study for filing, for bedside tables with a couple of big drawers, or little side tables for the living room.

At one point last year I decided to buy a basket from Kmart to hold the projects I was currently working on. Eventually it actually turned into a dumping ground for abandoned projects and infrequently used tools. On top of this I had another two boxes of random crafty pieces that I had accumulated since getting married and moving into our apartment in February 2015. Crafty things from before that are already stored in two large boxes that live under our big desk.

Here's most of those crafty items that didn't have a home:

As you can see, there's a large variety of things here - discarded crochet projects, two sets of coloured pencils, lots of safety eyes, a few glues, two sets of pom-pom makers, stuffing pellets, garden stones, some fabric, some felt, and even a pink hexagon I could have used in my blanket if it hadn't been lost under piles of other things!

So with this in mind we decided to buy a side table with plenty of drawer space. Thankfully I also had a few boxes sitting around in some of my favourite shades, one even has butterflies! They worked really well to organise the space inside the drawers.

I received the little blue box when I ordered a once-off Bella Beauty box, there was a special deal and it was kind of fun, but it's not really my style to be quite honest. The beautiful purple butterfly box came from T2 with a matching butterfly teacup and saucer, and some French Earl Grey tea - how perfect! I think the pink box also arrived bearing a teacup of some variety.

Here are the drawers filled with my things. In the top drawer we have things such as embroidery thread, ribbons, glues, pencil sharpeners, product tags, key rings, and my organiser of plastic eyes. In the bottom drawer are larger items or items I might not use as much; such as fabric, felt, magnets, hoops, oven-bake clay, crochet hook that aren't my Clover ones, stuffing pellets, fishing line, eyes that don't fit in my organiser, and garden stones for my succulents.

Oh and did I mention you can also buy a glass topper to make it look extra fancy?!