How To Join Crochet Granny Squares

In this video I combine two techniques which I found online. The first is the continuous join, which allows you to join multiple squares without needing to cut and rejoin yarn, you just keep on working around your squares. The second is the PLT (pull loop through) join as you go technique developed by Rachele at Cypress Textiles.



Two Ways To Single Crochet

For a long time I wondered how people made those adorable little stitches I had been seeing used in amigurumi. The were super neat and looked like little Xs, which is not what my single crochet (US, or double crochet UK) stitches looked like. It turns out there are two ways to make a single crochet stitch. The way that I learnt originally you yarn over with your working yarn to create the stitch, but if you want to create those super neat little Xs use a yarn UNDER! Watch the video for a demonstration.

Solid Hexagon Blanket